Mission Statement of the Greene County Industrial Development



The Greene County IDB focuses on developing “shovel ready” sites and existing historic locations with the goal of marketing to and attracting a diverse mix of business types and employment opportunities for local residents as well as needed new local property tax revenue. Targeted businesses are anticipated to be good corporate citizens, involved in the community and excellent employers offering outstanding benefit packages including health insurance. Working in partnership with the Greene County IDB and the Eutaw Area Chamber of Commerce under the banner of GreeneBusiness, we offer a variety of financial and incentive based tools and management flexibility to help foster success. The IDB works towards our goals in conjunction with local communities, state and local governments, the business community and numerous regional partners with sound planning, sensitivity to the environment and the preservation of our quality of life. The Greene County IDB strives for success utilizing a positive economic development image and track record while setting the standard of Visionary Growth!



Customer Responsiveness. We will focus on the needs of our members and customers and find ways to provide programs, services and benefits that are cost-effective, beneficial and convenient.


  • Excellence. We will deliver programs, services and products that will be evaluated by our members and customers as state of the art and of the highest quality.
  • Diversity. We will view diversity in gender, culture, ethnicity, professional background and size of firm/organization as strengths to be sought and utilized in The Chamber.
  • Leadership. We will be visionary and future-oriented in our thinking, decision-making and programming.
  • Integrity. We will be open, candid and fair; honor our commitments; and adhere to high ethical standards and objectives.
  • Participation. We will seek broad and active participation of our members in programs and in the governance of the organization.
  • Relationships. We will build and enhance relationships and public/private partnerships within the organization and community as a core value of membership, learning from and with each other.
  • Personal Growth. We will provide opportunities through programming and involvement for personal leadership development and citizenship.
  • Innovation and Creativity. We will approach change and challenges in the market place as an opportunity to encourage an environment for innovation and to foster individual creativity.
  • Technology. We will foster utilization of new technologies, delivering programs, services and opportunities to educate our members to the practical applications of new technologies.