Greene County Education


Local School System


Elementary Schools

School Name Grade Address City Zip Phone
Eutaw Primary School         KG-06 Eutaw 35462 (205) 372-1051
Warrior Academy KG-12 Eutaw 35462 (205) 372-3546

Middle Schools

Warrior Academy KG-12 Eutaw 35462 (205) 372-3546
Carver Junior High School         KG-06 Eutaw 35462 (205) 372-4816

High Schools

Eutaw High School   07-12 Eutaw 35462 (205) 372-3789
Warrior Academy KG-12 Eutaw 35462 (205) 372-3546
Paramount High School          KG-12 Boligee 35443 (205) 336-8557




The University of West Alabama (UWA): A four-year college with a distinguished staff and an outstanding industrial technology program.  The division offers training for industrial maintenance, including hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, and computer control systems.  The UWA Technical Division and the College of Business are programs in management, finance, accounting, and statistical quality control.  These combined programs assist students in being prepared for the modern day workforce.  UWA offers a wide variety of programs ranging from industrial maintenance to industrial technology.

The University of Alabama (UA): One of the most prominent schools in the state of Alabama, the University of Alabama located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama has some of America's top students. It is a university full of diversity and school pride. The University of Alabama is well known for its dedicated sports fans and the academic excellence of its students. UA offers more than just a diverse campus life, it also host some of the best faculty and staff in America.

Auburn University - A prestigious university in the state of Alabama that offers a wide range of baccalaureate, masters, and doctorate programs.  The college provides their students with many technical facilities and resources to meet their educational needs. 

Stillman College - A historical African-American college that offers prominent studies primarily in the divisions of business, education, and arts and sciences as well as pre-medical and pre-law programs.  The college also contains the Stillman Management Institute, a division specially designed for adult learners who work full-time and wish to continue their education. 

Shelton State Community College: Located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, this college offers a full range of technical skill training with a continuous program in driver training-oriented toward commercial driver certification.  A pool of drivers are available each training cycle.


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