Greene County Incentives


GREENE-SUMTER ENTERPRISE COMMUNITY PROGRAM - This program is designed to specifically provide economic opportunity by creating jobs in the community and region as well as job training, sustainable community development by coordinating economic development, and community-based partnerships with political and governmental leadership.  Grants are available through this program to seed money and matching funds for infrastructure development in the Enterprise Community area.  The grants provide assistance in the following areas: engineering and pre-development costs for water, sewer, roads, bridges, and other infrastructure projects related to business development and expansion for new job development.

STATE INCENTIVES - West Alabama is part of the Alabama Enterprise Zone Program.  Within this program are some of the best state tax and non-tax incentives in the country.


Site Selection


TAX CREDITS - Greene County has been designated as an Enterprise Zone which provide state income tax credits for job creation, capital investment, infrastructure improvements and other activities. Many properties in the Enterprise Zone are in prime development locations.

TRAINING - Many companies find that upgrading their employee skills is a critical part of their relocation or expansion.  Greene County has been a leader in accessing state funds for training purposes. These training dollars are flexible and can help a company meet an important need while reducing its cost to improve productivity.

REFERRALS - Businesses wishing to expand or relocate often have needs for financing, design services, local construction companies, etc. Greene County Economic Development maintains contact with companies in these areas and can make referrals as needed to help save time and money.


Workforce Advantages


EDUCATION - There are many community colleges and universities within a 60 mile range of Greene County that give employees the opportunity to pursue higher education.  These colleges and universities offer a wide range of associate, baccalaureate and master's degrees.  The students attending the universities receive a quality education from dedicated professors and have access to excellent facilities.

AVAILABILITY - There are approximately 32,000 individuals actively seeking employment that fall within a 50-mile radius of Greene County.  Therefore, there are many people that have skill levels for employment by any prospective business that locates in the area.